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How Does Pc Optimizer work to fix a registry Damaged by a Virus or Spywares

Causes of Pc Errors and Slow Pc

Registry Is a locaion on the computer where every software including windows has to register in order to function. Infact every software including a Virus works only if registered in the registry. A Virus first takes over registry and then functions for what it is coded or designed. Pc Optimizer first stops the process of Virus or Spyware on the Pc and deletes all its related files. Now what about the Damaged made to registry, alright here comes the special registry fixing feature in Pc Optimizer 360 which no other anti virus has till date. Pc Optimizer 360 fixes the damage made by the Virus or Spyware in the registry as compared to other anti virus programs which do not have a regisry fix feature. This is the reason why we often see windows unknown errors after a virus is removed, in most of the cases, conflicts in the registry is the cause of these errors. It is therefore important to run a registry cleaner once a month to keep your Pc Error free and Optimized. Click here to Download Pc Optimizer for Free Scan

So How Does a Virus, Spyware or Adware Enter your Registry

We often tend to download softwares from unknown locations without even checking there authenticity. These are in real virus hosted on many free servers. On Installtion these virus or spyware stores there entries in the registry. These virus after installation damages certain registry keys and makes it impossible for the user to stop them.


Other Sources of Virus or Spywares

Some Internet parasites can hijack your browser and destroy BHO Entries in the registry and redirect you to un known websites. This is also called as Browser Hijacking. You will often see unwanted pop ups while browing or even offline, shortcuts of unknown icons will appear on your Pc. This is done by spyware or adware that monitors your browsing habbits and even track your online user name and passwords for the websites that you normally visit. Pc Optimizer 360 cleans such BHO hiajck bugs and fixes if any changes made in the registry. Click here to Download Pc Optimizer for Free Scan


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