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Pc Optimizer 360 keeps your Pc in Top Condition, all in one utility to keep your Pc Optimized by cleaning windows Registry and at the same time defends your Computer against Virus, Spywares, Adware and other Trojans.
Virus Removal tool
is an added feature in the program with strong database of Virus Definations. Pc Optimizer 360 is updated with latest virus definations and Spywares on the Internet by our Live update feature in the program. Virus Removal Research team works 24/7 for latest virus, spyware and adwares on the Internet and updates our servers immediately so that your software Pc Optimizer 360 is updated about new Viruses on the Internet.

This unique software scans the computer in minutes for malware like Spyware, Trojans and various harmful Internet Bugs. After this inbuilt Registry Cleaner, cleans your PC and makes the performance smoother and faster. It has capacity to track and hunt all malicious files and extensions, which can effect your Computer performance. The software also removes dangerous Trojans and Spywares, which enter your PC via BHOs and exposes the security system of your PC. Click here to Download Computer Optimizer for Free Scan

Pc Optimizer 360 keeps a back up of registry before making any repairs. Back up of registry within Pc Optimizer also helps you to restore back to previous date if any inection has caused a damage in the registry. After the completion of the processes of locating, removing or repairing, Pc Optimizer 360 will fix technical issues and bring the PC to its optimum operating condition. There are many other 6 bonus Tools included in Pc Optimizer listed below. It's user friendly interface is very easy to understand and it helps to control all its functions in possible ways. Program is an excellent Spyware Scanner with ability to stop any current spyware running on the pc and delete it immediately.

Here are just some of the features Pc Optimizer 360 Easy offers and functions Pc Optimizer    360 can perform:
register fix
Registry Fix
Pc Optimizer Scans and fixes Registry Errors caused by infections or any external applicaion
Pc Optimizer
Live Update
Exclusive feature in the program keeps it updated with Registry tweaks and Latest virus Definations
Registry fix Tool
Disk Defrag / Check Disk
Both the features in the program help to Defrag Disk, Repair hard Disk errors and other Driver related Probelms
spyware adware removal
Spyware Adware Removal
Scans your Pc For resident Spyware Adware Trojans and Cleans them in matter of seconds
Registry Scanner
Virus Removal Tool
The most efficient recently added feature to the program helps to remove dangerous Viruses from your Pc
junk file
Junk File Cleaner
Pc Optimizer Scans and cleans Junk files which are no longer in use. Helps to Speedup browsing
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